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     Susan is a registered nurse and recently returned with Jim to Kenya in 2018 and feels called to help orphaned children.  God has opened the door for her to help a children's home in the Soweto slum of Nairobi called  Emmanuel New Hope Rescue Centre, a children's home started by a wonderful woman named Jane Kagai and her family.  Susan will also help with other childrens' homes as opportunities arise.   

     God has opened doors for other areas of ministry to widows, Bible distribution and literacy, and helping provide water wells. More details on each of these is available under the MINISTRIES tab on the left or top of each page.

     We are currently in the process of preparing to sell our home and start spending about 9 months each year in Africa in these ministries God has put on our hearts. Thanks so much for your prayers and financial support and encouragement! God bless you!

    We have always had a heart for missions.   We were missionaries with Pioneer Bible Translators from 1990-2000 serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo as Literacy Specialists and a Scripture In Use ministry and in Tanzania with a Language Survey team.  


    From 2004-2019 Jim has been making short term trips to various countries doing evangelism and prayer ministry with local pastors where God has opened doors.  He and Peter Ronoh have been working together since 2004  and have ongoing ministry in Kenya, Tanzania,  Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.  Part of that amazing story and what God has done  is told in the 2019 documentary KINGDOM!

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